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Treet Streams under Windows 7 64-bit and Quicktime

The problem

The Second Life Viewer does not properly handle Quicktime reference movies under 64-bit versions of Windows. A reference movie is Apple's recommended way of serving live streams where multiple bandwidths are provided. Treet uses this method, as recommended by Apple, as the best way to assure a good streaming experience, and it has worked flawlessly in all environments except within the Second Life viewer.

All of our official URLs use reference movies, and these assure that the proper stream is delivered based upon bandwidth. However, to work around this bug in the Second Life Viewer, it is possible to use the direct RTSP URL to the stream directly. This circumvents the bug in the viewer, and the stream will work properly.


Use the RTSP URL below in the table instead of the "official" URL. This is not ideal, as the official URL reference movie can offer alternative RTSP streams automatically for low-bandwidth users. However, the suggested RTSP URLs will work properly for most people.

In short, if you are using the URL in the "official" column, substitute the URL in the "RTSP" column instead.

Note that you cannot put the RTSP URL in your browser window. If you are putting the URL in a browser window, use the official URL, it should work with no problems. The RTSP URL is only needed within the Second Life viewer.

You can also play these URLs directly in Quicktime:

  • Open the Quicktime player directly from the Start menu or from your Applications directory on the Mac.
  • Under the "File" menu, choose "Open URL..."
  • Put either the offical, or RTSP URL into the box, and hit enter. The stream should play fine on your desktop.

Treet TV Screens

Treet screens given out at our welcome centre were built by third parties for us, and many of them have the official urls instead of the RTSP streams. We are working quickly to release new screens, and we will create an obvious screen giver at our welcome center on Tropical Treet as soon as they are available, and will update this page with information.

Third-party Screens

Many people have third-party screens which use the official URLs, and this means that they may not be able to change the URLs. In this case, we suggest:

  • Contacting the stream vendor, and give them the URL of this page. They will likely be able to make the changes, and can contact us at if they have problems.
  • Some screens contain a notecard which configures the screens. If you use the pie menu to "open" the screen, you may find a notecard which you can change yourself.

Official URLs and RTSP Substitutes

Channel Offical URL RTSP Internal URL
Live Channel (and replays of recent shows) rtsp://
Lifestyle Channel rtsp://
Sports Channel rtsp://
Music Channel rtsp://
Business Channel rtsp://
Shopping Channel rtsp://
Metanomics Channel rtsp://
Community Channel rtsp://
Fashion Channel rtsp://

Reference Information

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